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Succulent Kit


About DIY Kit

Native to the Americas, from Patagonia in the south to Canada in the north, cacti are typically found in sites that are subject to drought. The word 'cactus' derives from an ancient Greek word that meant 'spiky plant whose identity is not certain', which is quite fitting for this mixed selection we offer here.


Plant height (including pot): 4"-6"; Pot width: 2.5"

Please note that our cacti are sold individually and come in a variety of big pricks shapes - each with their own unique personality. Your plant will arrive in a plastic nursery pot. Other pots are sold separately.

We'd recommend keeping them in their pots even if you buy a suitable pots for them.


Cacti prefer well-lit spots, ideally away from wandering hands!


Although low light conditions won't harm a cactus, it will stunt its growth. Best not to overwater it either. Try to keep its conditions as close to a desert as is possible in a London home...


Always water from below by soaking the pot and allowing it to drain. This avoids over moisture, which can cause them to rot. Wait until the soil is completely dry before further watering, which generally translates as once every 7 days in the spring and summer and once every 15-20 days in the autumn and winter.


Non-toxic but still best to keep out of reach as they're prickly little things.