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We started selling houseplants in Southern California, but we have been selling other home products from years earlier. We were curious about why we couldn't find a reliable source of house plants online so we set out to make an online store superior to the others we found. The solution was , a one-stop shop for everything houseplants.

We decided that we would only offer the best house plant species that are easy to care for and grow. We also decided to provide a risk-free shopping environment with honest pricing.

By providing affordable products and money-back guarantees on all orders, we are striving to make the best online plant store in North America. 

With a successful launch of the brand in 2018, we have been excited to share our new store nationwide. 


Our mission was created on the belief that plants and nature make for a more creative and fun living space. We've created a one-stop shop for everything houseplants for anyone looking to get into caring for plants or plant enthusiast to grow their collection. 





Brand Essence

Every collection launched, buyers guide published, or collaboration, all stem from House Plant Shops core mission to spread the power of green through indoor living spaces.


Our Process

We offer only the highest quality plants grown in the best-growing facilities across California. Using modern caring and packing techniques, we stand by all our products and guarantee 100% plant satisfaction.


For more info about working with us or for press inquiries, please send Andy a note at 

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