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Money Tree Care Guide

Pachira Braid Money Tree's rarely need to be pruned and they are hardy plant that can live for years. They need to be watered everytime the soil dries out and have some partial sun light during the day.


Light: Pachira grown outdoors prefers full sun to part shade and will even grow in full shade. Keep an indoor plant where it will get bright light for most but not all of the day. Rotate an indoor plant by a one-quarter turn once a week to keep it balanced and to avoid its leaves reaching for the light from only one side.

Water: Also called water chestnut, Guiana or Malabar chestnut, money tree or saba nut, pachira is happy with regular, deep watering or even flooding now and then if you plant it near a creek or stream. Give both indoor and outdoor plants a deep soaking at least once a week or more if the weather is very hot and keep the soil consistently moist.

Temperatures: Pachira can tolerate moderate temperatures ranging from 55 – 85℉.