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Premium Braided Sansevieria Cylindrica

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Indigenous to Angola, the African spear is an evergreen perennial succulent species. In the wild, they often grow in dense stands, spreading by creeping rhizomes under the soil. Adaptable and able to handle neglect, these plants are great for beginners.

Cylindrical leaves are the hallmark of Sansevieria cylindrica. One of its common names, cylindrical snake plant, reflects that. These tubular, smooth leaves are dark green in color, some with green-grey variegation.

Size: 4" Growers pot 


Although it can withstand very low light conditions, it prefers to grow in plenty of sun and bright light. In the dark, it won’t show too much growth. Placing it near a north-facing window or sheer curtained windows is a good idea. 


Due to its drought tolerant nature, it doesn’t require frequent watering. Watering once every week should be enough during the summer growing season. Make sure the soil is free draining and dries out before you water the next time as wet soil can lead to root rot. If the leaves turn yellow, or get mushy and soft at their base, you’ve overwatered your plant.