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Marimo (Aquatic) Care

Marimo (Aquatic) Care

Marimo balls also known as Aegagropila linnaei are green algae balls that are found in freshwater lakes in the northern hemisphere. 

They are compatible with most of the aquatic pets and just need to be submerged in water to live. When they arrive, give them a gentle wash before putting in the water. Marimos make perfect plant pets for Children due to easy care.

Water: Regular tap water is fine for marimo balls. They will need to have the water changed every two weeks. More often in the summer as the water will evaporate faster. 

Light: Marimo balls like to be in a cool dark place. Try to have the marimo in a place it gets low to medium indirect light. Marimo can easily brown if they get too much light. Light also can increase the temperature of the marimo container but be sure to keep them cool. Marimo originated from cold lakes so they like to be kept cool.

Temperatures: Marimo generally do well in cooler environments. They are native to cold lakes in the Northern Hemisphere and like to be cool. If they get too warm and get hit by direct sun they will start browning.


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