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Save that
Banana Peel!

Banana Peel,
Nature's sweetest fertilizer.

If you’re into gardening, then you might already be familiar with Banana Peels and their magical fertilizing properties! If you do your own research, you’ll find many ways to use them- some suggest drying them then crushing it into powder, some ask to add brown sugar with your banana peel water, and most ask you to use the banana peel directly. The method you see below is the method I’ve been using for our plants here at the House Plant Shop office (that also doubles as our home!) so we feel most comfortable sharing what we know best but you’re always welcome to experiment and educate us!


- 2 Cups Water, ideally filtered since soft tap water can         lead to salt buildup in your plants.
- 1 Banana peel, or as many or little as you’d like.
- Bowl, large enough to hold 2 cups of water plus the            banana peel.
- Patience, we ask that you soak your peel overnight!


- Place banana peel into the bowl.
- Add water to the bowl.
- Cover and let the banana peel soak overnight (or even longer     but i can’t stand the smell personally.)
The next day.
- Pour water into a watering can.
- The last step, water your plants!